Spybot must be updated manually to take full advantage of the free software
Right click spybot search and destroy icon by time ---Left click check for updates.  Don't forget to immunize after update!!
Download Spybot by clicking below

How to schedule spybot to auto update and immunize?

Running Spybot on a schedule

To configure Spybot S&D to run automatically on a set schedule:

  1. Open Spybot
  2. Select the Mode menu and select Advanced mode.
  3. Under Settings select Scheduler.
  4. Click the Add... button to schedule a new time
  5. Check the Fix problems after scheduled scan. Close program after finishing schedule options.
  6. Click the Edit button.
  7. In the textbox that points to the program to be run, add /autoupdate /autoimmunize just before where it says /autocheck.
  8. Click on the Schedule tab.
  9. Click New to add a time for it to be run.
  10. Edit your scheduled time to your liking.
  11. Click OK.

Spybot Search and Destroy
Using Spybot - Search & Destroy
Step 1: Start Spybot - S&D
If Spybot - S&D is already running then you should skip to step 2.
On your desktop, double click on the icon for Spybot - S&D. The program will now open and will appear as shown in Figure 7 below.
Spybot welcome screen
Figure 7: Spybot - S&D welcome screen
Step 2: Update Spybot - S&D before using it
Click on the Update button which is marked in red in the figure above.
You will then be presented with another screen shown in Figure 8. This screen will allow you to check for any new updates to the program and then to download and install them. It is very important that you do these steps every time you run Spybot - S&D to ensure you have the latest updates to the program. This will enable Spybot - S&D to recognize and remove additional Spyware/Hijacking threats as they are released.
Search for updates
Figure 8. Search for updates
Click on the Search for Updates button. When you do this, Spybot - S&D will connect to a master server and determine if any updates are available for your version of the software. If there are available updates, they will be listed and you will be given the option to download them. If there are no updates, it will notify you of this and you will not have the option to download anything.
If there are updates you should download all of the available updates that are listed. You should then select a location to download the updates from that is closest to your geographical area. If there are no locations that are close to you geographically then pick the closest one.
You would then click on the Download Updates button and Spybot - S&D will download the updates, install them, and restart itself so that the program is now using the new updates.
Note: Once a new update is released for version 1.3 I will update this tutorial with more images showing this process.
Step 4: Check for Problems with Spybot - S&D
After the program restarts, you will be presented with the same screen as shown in Figure 7 above. This time you will want to click on the button designated by the green box, called Check for Problems.
The program will automatically start and search your hard drive, registry, and other locations for traces of Spyware, Hijackers, and other malware. If it does not start checkingfor problems immediately, click on the Check for Problems button. When it finds software that it recognizes, it will add it to a list of items to remove. This search can take a while, so go do something while it searches. As of this writing, Spybot - S&D knows a little over 16,000 different types of Spyware and Hijackers, so as you can imagine it may take a while. Figure 9, below shows Spybot - S&D in a scanning state as it searches for Spyware and Hijackers. The red box designates the current item it is looking for and how far along it is in the scan.

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